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The Jersey Pot Lawyer

The Brief

The Jersey Pot Lawyer, a.k.a. Duncan Delano, works with West Coast-based Emerge Law Group which specializes in cannabis law. The law firm has extensive experience and wisdom in providing innovative solutions to complex legal challenges. Well-versed in cannabis law and the evolving regulations, Duncan fiercely preserves and defends clients’ rights and freedoms surrounding adult-use cannabis and plant-related medicines. Cannabis is one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States. Medical and recreational cannabis commerce has become a booming sector. In addition to legalization among recreational users, patients now have access to medicinal cannabis prescribed by healthcare professionals. The firm has helped hundreds of clients obtain state licenses and local permits to operate cannabis businesses in jurisdictions across the United States. They also regularly assist clients with agency inspections, operating procedures, employee training, periodic reporting, renewals, responding to proposed violations, and administrative hearings. Cannabis laws and regulations are rapidly changing. The cannabis team is dedicated to attending legislative hearings and agency meetings to stay up-to-date on new changes. The firm is branching onto the East Coast, and Duncan is spearheading the brand in New York and New Jersey.

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The Problem

As Emerge is a well-known West Coast brand, the firm needed to establish an East Coast presence that supported Duncan Delano and his recognition as The Jersey Pot Lawyer. Cannabis law is competitive and new, especially in New Jersey where licensing was recently approved and evolving. The Jersey Pot Lawyer needed a compelling website and online presence, search engine optimization for people to easily and organically find the site, and innovative tools such as appointment setting and up-to-date blogs that demonstrate extensive industry knowledge.

A need to establish a presence on the East Coast.

A new brand that needed to hit the ground running and generate buzz immediately.

An ever changing cannabis industry that requires businesses to stay up to date and blog about breaking changes.

Jersey Pot Lawyer would need the capability to set up appointments online.

The Solution

Kingside Development led a complete rebranding process to tap Duncan’s authentic brand identity with a logo and website that accurately represent his core values. The goal was to strongly differentiate Duncan in the competitive space amid a forest of run-of-the-mill cannabis lawyers. The new brand is effectively carried through all marketing components including social media. 

The website is designed to be an information and education hub for an ever-changing legal industry. The site’s content management system is easy for Duncan or his staff to update content on a timely basis. Meta descriptions and title tags were thoroughly researched and implemented so that clients in the tristate area are led to The Jersey Pot Lawyer. The site is built to inherently track leads, encourage communication, and convert sales. 

The development of a specific brand for the Jersey Pot Lawyer to help establish Emerge Law Group on the East Coast.

A website that helps Jersey Pot Lawyer stand out in a crowded space.

Brand implementation across websites, blogs, and social media.

A content management system that is easy to update with minimal overhead.

The Results

The Jersey Pot Lawyer brand is well-defined with a supporting optimized, mobile-friendly website that matches his branding and books. Clients are able to use the site to tap into the Calendly app and easily book two kinds of calls - either a free Friday consultation or a paid consultation. Built-in analytics and tracking are regularly monitored.

A mobile-friendly, seo optimized website that helps potential clients find the Jersey Pot Lawyer.

Online appointment booking to get clients in touch with the Jersey Pot Lawyer in a timely fashion.

Analytics that help the client tailor their efforts to their customers.

A new and growing brand on the East Coast.

The Showcase

After an intensive design process, the Jersey Pot Lawyer is online and educating a new market on the risks and rewards of legal cannabis. Clients can use the Jersey Pot Lawyer website to download free resources, schedule an appointment with Duncan, or network with other interested entrepreneurs.

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Online appointment booking to get clients in touch with the Jersey Pot Lawyer in a timely fashion.

Analytics that help the client tailor their efforts to their customers.

A new and growing brand on the East Coast.

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